Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat Review

Infants like the Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat much to their amusement and fun. These small baby sitters provide your infant with fun filled floor time activity with 360-degree movement capacity. Sitting comfortably and securely on this three-stage seater, your baby gradually learns to sit up and adjust with the environment, while having fun with others.

Some of the models of the 3-stage super seat are designed with removable snack tray and foam insert with the seat being adjustable to be a booster seat. Parents love to have these super seats as they can carry on with their household chores while the baby sits up and plays in total comfort and security. This seater can be moved from room to room, and the special features allow you to use it while your baby keeps growing.

This super seat can be adjusted with an adult chair allowing your baby to join you at the table. These models are easy to carry and can be taken around for visiting family friends and relatives. Your infant will find it most comfortable even while sitting on it at a restaurant. Grandparents have rued the fact that this 3 stage super seats were not there 40 years ago, you can feed your baby while she sits on securely on the super seat enjoying her own time in her activities.

Mothers have been the most comfortable with this super seat more than the infants because they can carry on her cooking while the baby keeps on sitting on the set without any discomfort. With this super seat, your child will not lose the head balance, and the attractive toys make these models more interesting for your infant. You can use this 3-stage super seat for your children from 4 months to 4 years making it comfortable for all stages during growth. The three-point harness and the comfortable plastic seat can be detached for easy cleaning.

The compact design of the 3-stage super seat allows it to be stored without using much space. You can easily assemble it by fixing some easy to handle screws and toys. This seat allows your baby to sit unsupported for a few minutes without any risk of falling off. All models of this super seat are designed to have crotch restraint for all stages to ensure baby’s safety. The quality of the seat and other components of the 3-stage super seat are of a high standard making it durable for the entire time of its use which goes into 4 to 5 years. All these exclusive features have made this super seat favorite for both babies and parents alike.


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